Check Out Legends PCC's Ultra-Thin Copperhead Playing Cards

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Check Out Legends PCC's Ultra-Thin Copperhead Playing Cards

Legends Playing Card Co's (LPCC) Copperhead Playing Cards comes with an all-new ULTRA-THIN finish. LPCC is calling them Viper Finish, named for the silky feel with a unique smooth, dry, yet slippery texture.

Viper Finish blends the thinness and snappiness of Master / Diamond Finish, with the soft flex and feel of the popular but rare Stud Finish. Also, not only is the deck highly durable, they are highly resistant to changes in humidity! 

Great for magic techniques like breather crimps, another bonus is you don't get that 'pop' in the deck when you fly or travel to a dry climate, and the decks don't inflate and get soggy in humid climates like Singapore or Hong Kong. 


Definitely a unique feeling card stock, unlike anything else on the market. Out of the tuck box, they feel familiar yet different- thin, soft, snappy, and silky feel. Hard to describe but they feel somewhere in-between USPCC's Air-Cushion Finish and LPCC's popular Classic FInish. We've been using this deck for 2 weeks straight... and surprised by how durable it is! 

The design of the deck simple and yet elegant! Designers, Nick Vlow and Grayson Stallings did an excellent job with the artwork on the custom card backs, Ace of Spades, and Jokers. The face cards are pretty much standard but recolored to match the look and feel of the deck. The decks are available in 3 colorways- blue (V1), yellow (V2), and grey (V2). All Pantone Color of the Year. 

The deck definitely feels modern and doesn't feel out of place in a poker game or magician's hands. Available NOW from for $9.85.

Check Out Legends PCC's Ultra-Thin Copperhead Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 3/18/2021 Rating: 5

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