Check Out Riffle Shuffle's Stunning The Grand Playing Cards

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Check Out Riffle Shuffle's Stunning The Grand Playing Cards

Another stunning deck from Riffle Shuffle funding on Kickstarter. Champagne glasses, crystal chandeliers, and glistening shiny attires... join the glitz and glamour of the 1920s with The Grand Playing Cards. From the Kickstarter campaign,
You walk into the big hall of the Grand Hotel, and immediately you're surrounded by a jolly crowd, dancing and singing to the cheerful music, rich with the tones of a saxophone. The air is full of the intoxicating smell of perfumes, the sound of clinking champagne glasses, the crystal chandeliers, and the glistening of shiny attires worn by the cheering group of young party-goers. 

Over a year in the making, there are three editions available during the campaign, Golden Glamour, Silver Allure, and Chinatown. The fully custom decks are designed by Bravo Design. The card backs are truly made to dazzle and follow the design principles of the art deco style of that age. 

The geometric patterns on the face cards are done in black and run across the entire card, matched up by the distinct art deco font of the indices. The suit symbols are also appropriated in the same style and the entire card has a rather balanced feeling. 

The court cards feature characters that frequent The Grand, one by one. Elegant ladies and sleek gentlemen rub shoulders with dangerous-looking gangsters with guns. Each of the characters has a fierce animal attributed to it, and they are showing off beautifully in a mirrored design. 

The Aces are a sight to behold, fully utilizing the Gold/Silver cold foil to establish the arrays of The Grand. The middle of the card is dominated by a large black suit, out of which rays of strong light fan out towards all four corners of the card. The background mimics this circular structure centered in the middle of the suit and is broken off only by more ornaments on the edges, and an elegant black frame. 

The Jokers are decorated with a design of a happy man sitting at the piano, expertly running his fingers over the keys while a cigarette dangles from his lips.

The tuck box is richly decorated mimicking the façade of the Grand Hotel built in a distinct art deco style. The golden geometric shapes on a pitch-black background reminiscent of natural motives adorn the entire front wall. Aligning the tuck cases of all 3 editions to get a full city-wide view with the Grand Hotel welcoming you in. 

The decks are printed by Cartamundi, featuring their Advanced COLD FOIL Printing Technology on the Back Design with their premium Slimline Paper Stock and B9 True Linen Finish. Pledge starts at $17 on Kickstarter.


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