Deck View: Seafarers Playing Cards

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Deck View: Seafarers Playing Cards

Timeless. Nautical. Intricate.

Seafarers Playing Cards are a nautical-themed deck by Joker and the Thief. Designed by Gustavo Magalhães, a passionate artist hailing from Brazil, Gus brings the concept to life and carry the symbolism, characters, and vibe over to Seafarers.

Fully custom, the intricate card backs incorporate symbolically and thought-provoking imagery, maintaining a timeless air. The court cards are completely illustrated by hand, from scratch. Themes from the back design carry over and give life to these oceanic royals. Each suit tells its own story, with each jack, queen, and king being thematically and symbolically linked.

The deck is packaged in a premium imported, uncoated matte paper stock, in off-white. Clove Street used vintage letter pressing techniques to stamp Seafarers' signature Sea Green colored ink into the paper, both on the exterior of the box, and interior.

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