Hydrogen Deck V2 (Deuterium Isotope) Playing Cards Funding Now on Kickstarter

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Hydrogen Deck V2 (Deuterium Isotope) Playing Cards Funding Now on Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter, the Hydrogen Deck v2 (Deuterium Isotope) is the second edition of the popular Hydrogen Deck. This deck is also the fourth release in the Elemental Playing card line-up. As with every Elemental Playing Card deck, there are loads of scientific meanings littered throughout the deck for you to discover. Some are obvious, others not so much. 

The back design uses some of the same design elements as the v1, such as a pattern of H's, but instead of a vertical/horizontal pattern, it uses a repeating 2H (the symbol for deuterium) in a diagonal pattern. The back also features a broken border design, with two thick bold black diagonal lines that allow for enhanced flourishing. 

The face cards are pretty much standard but updated to fit with the Deuterium theme. The custom ace of spades includes the words "Deuterium" as well as an updated atomic mass. The nucleus on the spade now houses the one neutron deuterium possesses.

The Hydrogen v2 deck is the first of the Elemental Playing Cards to also include an ad card. Illustrations of all three hydrogen isotopes can be found, as well as the definition of an isotope.

For the Hydrogen Limited Edition, the striking deck combines magenta ink and magenta metallic ink. According to the campaign page,
The color magenta was chosen for the Limited Edition because of the color emitted by hydrogen gas when an electric current is passed through it. At low current levels hydrogen will emit a bluish lavender color, and at higher current levels it will turn a pink magenta color.

The color is used consistently throughout the deck from the back design to the tuck case and face cards. All standard red colors on the face cards have been swapped out for the metallic magenta ink. Standard blues and yellows have been replaced with black.

The decks are printed by the USPCC on classic stock, traditionally cut with air-cushion finish. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter. Also, gilded Hydrogens, Carat Cases, uncut sheets, shirts, and hoodies are available as add-ons during the campaign.

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