Over 900% Funded! Anubis & Osiris Shadow Playing Cards by Steve Minty

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Over 900% Funded! Anubis & Osiris Shadow Playing Cards by Steve Minty

Steve Minty has just released the Anubis & Osiris Shadow Playing Cards, an Eyptian themed limited edition custom deck. The campaign has hit over 900% of its funding goal of $20k with over 2400 backers. The brand new set is a follow-up to the original Anubis and Osiris Decks released 5 years ago. 

Demand has been high after the original sets were sold out but to keep the value of the original decks, Steve has decided to make a new set instead of just a reprint. 

The decks are inspired by the luxurious reverence of Egyptian Gods and Kings of the past. Elements from classical Egyptian era and the Egyptian Revival incorporated into this deck along with modern design make these decks truly special. According to Steve on the campaign page,
I have always been drawn to the luxury of Egyptian design and I knew vaguely of how people used to incorporate its elements into modern day life outside of Egypt but I could only guess on why it went away.

Osiris and Anubis Shadow Edition feature two unique back designs in stunning gold coil foil, a beautiful set of custom court cards feauting a select pantheon of Egyptian Gods as well as custom spot cards, and fully custom Aces, pips and indices. 

Rather than standard white borders, these decks are full color backgrounds and stand out from the usual. The details across both decks are stunning and the color palettes are perfectly used on this theme. 

Both decks are presented in stunning tuck boxes, both featuring similar designs on the front, and on the back showcase the actual back design. The detailed line work continues over the tuck flap and the decks are sealed with a striking custom “Stamp” like seal. 

They have eye popping gold hot foil accents and a subtle embossing that makes them feel as luxurious as they look. The Anubis deck has an earthy color palette using green as base color while the Osiris comes with a gold foil on rich purple tuck box. Stunning! 

The decks will be printed by Cartamundi and pledge starts at $17 on Kickstarter.

Over 900% Funded! Anubis & Osiris Shadow Playing Cards by Steve Minty Reviewed by Ivan on 4/05/2021 Rating: 5

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