Kickstarter: Memento Playing Cards Relaunch

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Kickstarter: Memento Playing Cards Relaunch

[Update] Memento Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter

Memento Playing Cards is inspired by the history of playing card design. Each card in a playing card deck has evolved and gone through many changes over the centuries. This intriguing deck addresses these changes by going back to basics and using prominent works of art as templates.

Valerio Aversa launched the original Memento Project at the end of May 2014, unfortunately this unique deck didn’t quite reach its funding goal. Valerio spent the last 6 months enhancing the deck and project, and the good news is... he will be relaunching very soon!

For the relaunch, the funding goal has been lowered to $10k and like the first project, will feature both the Shadow edition deck and the Light Edition deck as a stretched goal.

We had a quick chat with Valerio about lessons he learned from the first launch.

Every single time I think about the first time I launched the project I feel like it was done too much in a hurry, I was so excited to see my deck online that I skipped a few fundamental steps:

1. Marketing has to be done before the project and not only during the campaign.

2. The printing company, this time I gave myself more time to think and contact various printers. I ended up with Lawrence Sullivan of Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC).  He is a professional, he always respond to my emails within hours and it is quite important when there are hundreds of emails. He gave me all the technical support I needed to verify and make this deck better than can I possibly imagine.

3. Indirectly related to the second point. LPCC has decided to open a Kickstarter account to work with artists from all over the world, this includes me. Before that, I found myself struggling to find a way to put my deck on Kickstarter. I guess this is a wonderful opportunity for me and for every one in the position a year ago! The deck has seen a lot of design modifications but for those ones you can see the images of the new deck and make your own conclusions.

We want to wish Valerio the best of luck on a successful campaign. Memento will relaunch within the week. Pledge starts from $15 and free world wide shipping is included!

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  1. Super excited to hear about this relaunch! The concept is great and the artwork is incredible. I'm hoping for the best on this second attempt. Good luck Valerio!

  2. I am surprised that this wasn't funded the first time as well. Hope that this will do better during the relaunch. :)


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