Collections: Propaganda by Theory 11

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Collections: Propaganda by Theory 11

The Propaganda deck was released by Theory 11 in 2011 and is one of the early "Semi-Custom" decks that became scarce pretty quickly. The deck uses the same formula many decks did back then, standard courts and face cards with customized Ace of Spades, Jokers and of course the card backs. Now a days we've become more demanding of custom decks, but there is something to be said of some of these early and unique decks.

The cards themselves handle very well as a USPC deck usually does. You get the added bonus of a double backer and that's the meat and potatoes of this deck. As for the design appeal, Propaganda is one of my favorites; it just presents the concept so well from just a few elements. The back has a beautiful two-way design, covered by all sorts of military imagery. If you tried to describe it in a few words you probably couldn't. The elements on the back, from the bombers in the corners to the artillery shells lining the sides to the eye catching gas masks, are just so well balanced and then to tie it all together it's dropped on a background accented by a "Medallion" surrounded by some subtle yet intricate line work. The design just flows so well and it's a super entertaining deck to have in your collection. The tuck box isn't embossed or foiled in any way, but the front design carries some of the back design elements to it and really fits well. To be honest, once the tuck was a bit weathered, it looked even better.

Propaganda became a collectible deck as time went by, not many sealed decks were available since way back when people actually opened and enjoyed their cards, and once Theory 11 sold out of the decks set aside in their Archive, they've been a little harder to find, but not impossible. They're also a bit on the pricey side starting at about $30.00, but don't be surprised by higher asking prices, have some patience and you'll get a good deal.  

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