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Deck View: Lumberjacks Second Edition (Prototype) Playing Cards

Leaves. Woodgrain. Fluorescent.

Designed by Vadim Smolenskiy, the Lumberjacks Second Edition playing cards pays homage to the original while making enough changes to keep the deck fun and fresh. Each card is flooded with black while fluorescent blues and reds replace the traditional black and red suits.

Each suit features 3 redesigned court cards portraying and older king, beautiful queen and a younger jack. The 12 court cards have a fine woodgrain border and their respective suits in the right hand corner. Also, the deck features fully redesigned tuck, aces, 2 diptych jokers and a custom number seal.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, pledge for the Lumberjacks Second Edition starts from $15 and on the higher pledge tier, you will get the original edition of Lumberjacks as an add-on.

Deck View: Lumberjacks Second Edition (Prototype) Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 6/06/2015 Rating: 5

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