Deck View: Fantastique Playing Cards

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Deck View: Fantastique Playing Cards

Magic. Automatons. Tribute. 

Fantastique is a unique deck of playing cards beautifully inspired by the apparatus of magic‘s golden age and the automatons of Robert-Houdin. When the cards are riffled through like a flip book, the illustrations come to life, animating two of magic's most famous illusions. An orange tree blossoms from an acrobats top hat while a women, having been sawed in half, is pulled apart.

Produced by Dan and Dave and designed by Sveta Dorosheva, each illustration was meticulously altered to achieve the spectacular animation. Accompanied by two unique Jokers and The Turk, a mechanical chess player from the 18th century whom many believed possessed artificial intelligence, represented on the Ace of Spades.

A wonderful tribute to the art and a fun addition to any collection. Very limited availability at JP Games.

Deck View: Fantastique Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 6/13/2015 Rating: 5

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