Collections: Tally Ho Viper by Ellusionist

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Collections: Tally Ho Viper by Ellusionist

The Tally Ho Vipers were another of the early "Custom" playing card releases that started the insanity we see today....not that it's a bad thing, but who would have predicted what was to come.

The Vipers feature a slightly thicker stock than standard Tally Ho's, but outside of the slight customization found on the tuck, the decks are identical, although inverted, reproductions of the classic deck. Available as Fan backs as well as Circle backs, the two versions vary only slightly. Both versions feature silver metallic inks, but the Circle backs add a splash of color by retaining the heats and diamonds classic red color. I love these decks, the contrast is striking and they do feel and handle really well. Being one of the 1st decks in the initial flood of custom decks also makes them a special part of a collection.

Between the two, I would have to side slightly with the Circle backs, only because the red pop of color from the Hearts and Diamonds just stands out so well. The good news is you can still pick these up here and there without too much of a financial burden.    

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