First Look: TELIAD by Passione Playing Cards

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First Look: TELIAD by Passione Playing Cards

[Update] TELIAD Playing Cards now LIVE on Kickstarter!

TELIAD is the upcoming project from the team at Passione Playing Cards. Passione brings different artists and graphic designers together on a project. For TELIAD, the artwork are done by several talented artists:
+ Federico Bollo for the core concepts, author of the original drawings & colors of TELIAD Heren;
+ Maurizio Toccafondi (Colored Noise) as the art director of the whole project, he personally designed TELIAD Alfrin starting from Bollo’s work and the concept behind TELIAD dùr;
+ Jari di Benedetto author of the calligraphic work on the three main writings: TELIAD Heren, Alfrin and dùr (pictured above);
+ Andrea Aste who created the awesome TELIAD teaser and Kickstarter video and gave feedbacks and advices through the entire project.

TELIAD Heren, TELIAD Alfrin and the stretch goal TELIAD dùr are three parts of the fantasy universe of TELIAD. For this first look, we will look at TELIAD Alfrin, the limited version of TELIAD. Here is Riccardo Conturbia to tell us more about the TELIAD Alfrin,
TELIAD Alfrin will be available from the beginning of the campaign and will feature two different metallic inks on the cards with 100% new illustrations. While the unlimited Teliad Heren deck has humans, orcs, dwarfes and elves as court cards, Alfrin has Rohan knights as the spades, instead of orcs. Alfrin is the “immortal”, “eternal” or “heavenly” version of Teliad and, therefore, it can’t have orcs. 

We asked Riccardo to tell us about what is so special about the TELIAD tuck cases,
We are working with the renowned Italian company in the paper industry: Fedrigoni, to bring cool new materials for the TELIAD tuck cases. TELIAD will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co and are already testing the new papers and new solutions.  We hope you’ll like our work and our vision.

We want to thank Riccardo and the team from Passione for thier insight into TELIAD. Make sure you mark your calendars for the Kickstarter launch on February 29th.

[Update] TELIAD Playing Cards now LIVE on Kickstarter!

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