Collections: Antler by Dan and Dave

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Collections: Antler by Dan and Dave

Released by Dan and Dave, Antler is a beautifully earthy deck and the blurb on the Dan and Dave web site is a spot on introduction to the inspiration behind this deck.
Born from the wild forests, rolling hills, and snow-capped mountains of Northern California, the Antler Playing Cards embody the majestic beauty of the great outdoors. 

The decks are available in four versions, the simple variation is the two color choices, Hunter Green and Deep Maroon. From there, the two color variation are offered in a Standard and Limited Edition version. The tuck for both versions is for the most part identical, both have a nice subtle embossing on a nice earth tone color palette. The only real difference from the outside is a very nice "Stamp" like perforated seal with the Dan and Dave logo.

The images in this piece are of the Limited Edition Deep Maroon deck, the cards themselves in each version are again pretty much the same with the exception of the back designs color palette. The Limited Edition version of each color is presented with a full color back design, while the Standard version is a monochromatic version of each signature color. The back design features mirrored "Bucks" in a familiar "Rider Back" design, with an intricate floral scroll work that breaks the border just a bit here and there. The Ace of Spades is perfectly designed for this deck, with a Buck head featuring some beautifully ornate design work around his antlers. The Jokers come in two colors, the colors of each deck, and have some really nice typography, script and floral accent.

The face cards, as in many playing cards offered from D&D, are color variation of standard-ish and familiar court designs. Again, the re-color blends in with the deck design and offers familiarity as well as usability. You can't go wrong with either version here, these would be the perfect outdoor traveling companion as well as game night my a fireplace. They definitely set the mood in the right surrounding. The cards handle really well, you can always be sure of that with any deck coming from D&D and if your on the fence on which version you prefer, the Limited Editions do come hand-wrapped in parchment before being placed in the tuck. I'll admit, while it has no real function, it's a beautiful touch to the decks presentation.

Both versions of the Antler decks are available on the D&D website, the Standard Editions are priced at $7.95 while the Limited Editions go for $11.95, neither of which is beyond most budgets. Beautiful work, awesome concept and presentation with an affordable price........what more can you ask for.

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