First Look: DYNASTY Playing Cards by Brendan Hong

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First Look: DYNASTY Playing Cards by Brendan Hong

[Update] DYNASTY Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter! Don't miss out!

Inspired by his culture and heritage, Brendan Hong brings his unique style to his first independent project, DYNASTY. Some may not recognize the name immediately, but Brendan is the designer behind the extremely popular HIVE series which was released by Kings Wild Project. DYNASTY is a gorgeous deck of cards inspired by various Chinese elements in Brendan’s own delightful style.

We asked Brendan about the inspiration behind the DYNASTY playing cards,
I've always wanted to create a deck of playing cards inspired by my culture and heritage. I have taken various Chinese elements and combined it with the traditional style of playing cards (such as the suicide king and the one-eyed jacks, etc) so it's a fusion of both to make something completely unique and infused with my style of illustration.

There are two different decks in this series: the Jade Green (unlimited) deck and the premium Imperial Red deck (limited to only 1000 decks). Both decks with their own unique elements will appeal to the casual card players as well as collectors.

Court Cards for the Jade Green deck
The Jade Green deck features fully custom cards with unique Jokers, Courts and Ace of Spaces and Matte stock tuck featuring foil and interior printing.

Court Cards for the Imperial Red deck
The premium Imperial Red deck features fully custom cards with 2 unique Jokers, Courts with unique border design, fully illustrated Aces. premium black matte stock tuck featuring foil, embossing and interior foiling and individually numbered seals.

Both decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Co. on their Classic Finish card stock.

[Update] DYNASTY Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter! Don't miss out!

Pledge starts from CAD$14 (~USD$10) and there will be Early Bird reward tiers available. DYNASTY is set to launch on Sunday, 6th March at 1:00PM EST on Kickstarter.

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