Deck View: Flesh & Bones Playing Cards

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Deck View: Flesh & Bones Playing Cards

Mythical. Geometric. Hand-drawn.

Originally funded on Deckstarter, Flesh & Bones is a delightful deck that features detailed, hand-drawn illustrations based on mythical creatures and ancient gods. Created by Dual Originals which comprises of Marylou & Chris Biron, a London-based duo who's passionate about the weird and wonderful and wanted to express their take on it through this deck.

The Flesh & Bones tuck and back designs are clean and precise, consisting of illusional line patterns and geometric shapes. This contrasting design methodology gives the deck a unique overall look & feel and is sure to catch a few eyes. Also, each suit in the deck is based on a different theme, which determines which creatures are featured on the court cards. For example, the diamonds theme is water and the court cards contain imagery of a Kraken, a Mermaid and a Hydra.

There’s a lot more to this deck than what first meets the eye and you need to study them to find all the little details that the team at Dual Originals have put in. Available from

Deck View: Flesh & Bones Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 3/05/2016 Rating: 5

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