Deck View: AEY Catcher Playing Cards

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Deck View: AEY Catcher Playing Cards

Dreams. Modern. Geometric.

The AEY Catcher Playing Cards is a fully custom deck conceptualized by 19-year old Lukas Aey from Germany and designed by Alessa Schröder. AEY Catcher is an international cardistry team consisting Lukas, Hai Do, Felix Meyer, Hoang Nguyen, Edoardo Cavalieri and Bart Uriot. Their aim is to inspire people to follow their dreams and to bring the magic and cardistry community from around the world together.

AEY Catcher Playing Cards was recently nominated for the Best Cardistry Deck of the Year. The deck spots an eye-catching modern back design and features recognizable pips, reimagined geometric courts and jokers, making it stand out from other cardistry decks. This Printed by The United States Playing Card Co. and available NOW from the AEY Catcher online store.

Also, check out the AEY Catcher's card box currently on pre-order, a beautiful and elegant box designed to keep your favorite decks safe & protected, allowing you to take them with you to your cardist or magic jam-sessions and impress your friends. Available for 5 or 12 decks.

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