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News: 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Draconian Wildfire Playing Cards By Midnight Cards

[Update] The Draconian and Knights Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

One of my personal favourite playing card series from Midnight Cards, Draconian Playing Cards are inspired by a time of legendary dragons and features beautiful dragon scales, gorgeous colours and borderless back design.

The Draconian Wildfire in vibrant green is the latest edition to the Draconian series and will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter at the end of September by designer Randy Butterfield. Here are 5 things you didn't know about the Draconian decks:

1. The original Draconian Decks (Lightning and Spitfire) project was Randy's first solo Playing Cards project. Randy told Kardify, "I had worked with HOPC before then on my personal designs but decided to venture off in my own direction back in 2014. The Knights / Draconian Wildfire project is now my fifth large scale solo project."

2. The Draconians' were intended to be a Cardistry Deck. "We're marketing the upcoming OCULUS Deck as my first design geared towards Cardistry, but the fact is I had always intended for the Draconians to be a Cardistry Deck. The Draconian Back Card design is hypnotic with its endless spiral feature. It is mesmerizing in motion!"

3. The name of this newest Draconian Deck, Wildfire, is a nod to one of Randy's favorite series of books and shows - Game of Thrones. "In the world of Westeros, Wildfire is the term they call a vibrant green fire that is highly volatile and cannot be extinguished with water."

4. The original Draconians were also Randy's first experience of working with Legends Playing Card Co. "In honor of this, I incorporated the Legends Logo into the designs. The LS Logo is highlighted in the Tuck Box, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs and one of the Jokers. Legends and I have formed a great relationship since 2014, and have created many Decks together since the original Draconians."

5. Randy wished that he had thought of adding the lava fissures/cracks to the original Lightning and Spitfire Decks. "The Draconian Wildfire face cards will surely have the bright green fissures to break up the black background coloring. It's the perfect bridge between the Back Card and Face Cards' designs!"

[Update] The Draconian and Knights Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

This project is scheduled to launch at the end of September. To keep up to date on the Draconian deck, follow Midnight Card Company on their Facebook page.
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