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First Look: Thirdway Industries To Release LUNATICA Playing Cards. Here's What You Should Know

Giovanni Meroni teased his next big project on Thirdway Industries newsletter last month. It is definitely different from his previous projects from the past 2 years. LUNATICA is bright, crazy, colorful and... have we mentioned bright?! It seemed to be a hybrid of Giovanni's first two decks, the Evil deck, and Delirium. LUNATICA will be his first project with 4 decks. Here's what we know about Lunatica so far:

1. There will be at least 2 versions of LUNATICA. LUNATICA will be available in 2 "unlimited" versions, LUNATICA Equinox and LUNATICA Solstice. Those two decks will have different tuckboxes, cards and backs. According to Giovanni, "Equinox is the symbol of the crescent Moon and of the beginning, the balance and the life. Solstice is the symbol of the waning Moon and of the end, the disproportion and death."

2. The other two versions are the limited LUNATICA Chimera and LUNATICA Phoenix.

3. Neon Inks on cards. LUNATICA cards will use a lot of different Pantone® Neon Inks, both on faces and on backs of the cards, and on the tuck boxes. "Those inks are very bright and unique because they can't be obtained through the CYMK printing method."

4. LUNATICA is inspired by all the other decks of Thirdway Industries. LUNATICA style combines the crazy and colorful style of Delirium and Evil Deck with the detailed and more realistic style of the latest Thirdway Industries decks.

5. LUNATICA have a deep backstory with a double-faced theme. "Lunatica's main theme is, of course, the Moon - but this theme has two faces. The most obvious is the mythological and astral aspect of the Earth's satellite. The hidden face is the psychologic aspect: the Moon is also the symbol of the mercurial human emotion, that can change from sadness to happiness in a blink of an eye."

6. Designed for cardistry, perfect for the collection. Lunatica was born for being the first cardistry oriented project of Thirdway Industries: it's focused on cards in terms of design, ink and materials - the tuck box of Equinox and Solstice will be relatively simple, compared to the other projects. "...but there will be at least one Limited Edition with a special tuck box ;-)"

7. The launch date will be on the Equinox of Autumn. The provisional launch date will be Friday, 22 of September 2017.

To find out more about LUNATICA and anything Thirdway Industries, visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

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