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News: Red Hellions Playing Cards by Ellusionist

The Red Hellions Playing Cards is one of two decks released by Ellusionist late last week. A follow-up to the highly sought after Hellions, the new edition sports a black tuck box and a red card back- an inverse to the original Helions.

The deck was conceptualized by Daniel Madison just before his departure from Ellusionist in 2017. The red hellions look more sinister with the darker color palette. The embossed tuck does give the deck a touch of menace.

Inside, the semi-custom decks feature custom Ace of Diamonds, Jokers and standard court cards and indices to maintain familiarity.

The Red Hellions are printed by Cartamundi on true linen B9 finish. Hailed as Madison's favorite stock in recent years. Available now at Ellusionist for $9.95.


News: Red Hellions Playing Cards by Ellusionist Reviewed by Ivan on 10/05/2018 Rating: 5

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