Kickstarter: POLLOCK Artistry and Cardistry Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: POLLOCK Artistry and Cardistry Playing Cards

Final week! POLLOCK Artistry and Cardistry Decks are a collaboration between Randy Butterfield of Midnight Cards and Mike Wilson. This is their second collaboration after the OCULUS playing cards, funded a year ago. On the Kickstarter page, Mike explained,
After the success of OCULUS, I approached Randy with the idea of POLLOCK, as I thought it would be a good follow up to the pointillism inspiration that led to the design of OCULUS. After having had talked to a multitude of cardists about why they enjoy cardistry, and what pushes them to take the art even further and hearing time after time that “it’s a way to express myself”, I was instantly reminded of Jackson Pollock. Pollock took the canvas off the easel and placed it onto the floor and using ordinary house paint, he created extraordinary art. In my mind, this mirrored the way cardist take playing cards off the table and express themselves through sometimes seemingly impossible moves. Knowing what the idea would require from a designer caused a lot of hesitation, but I knew if anyone could find a way- it would be Randy.

Both POLLOCK Artistry and Cardistry Decks feature a splatter painting composite on the card backs. The colors are bold and interesting, which is broken down into two main color blocks - Light Blue and Yellow. Also included are strategic accents of Black splatter art that help finish off the design.

The Ace of Spade and Jokers mimic a Painting in a Gallery setting. The semi-custom Face Cards incorporate various color combos of the splatter painting composite and create a cohesive look for the rest of the Deck.

The designs for each tuck are meant to mimic the look of a Painting displayed in an Art Gallery similar to the Ace of Spades and Jokers. Each one will be printed 4-Color Process on a premium Matte Tuck material, and each will have a clear UV Spot Ink layer that will add a level of gloss in strategic locations.

The POLLOCK Artistry and Cardistry Decks will be printed in Taiwan by Expert Playing Card Co. on with their Classic Finish. Available NOW on Kickstarter for $13 per deck.
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