Card Flash: El Recuerdo Playing Cards

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Card Flash: El Recuerdo Playing Cards

Created with the spirit of freedom in mind, El Recuerdo Playing Cards by Sviatoslav Pashchuk are dedicated to Mexico’s heroic struggle for independence. I am pleasantly surprised how the decks turned out!

El Recuerdo beautifully combines the modern attributes of Mexico with the history and traditions of the Incas and the Maya. The idea was to make El Recuerdo decks more graphics, similar to the old money used in Mexico in the 17th century.

The face cards have a large number of symbols. For example, each suit has a unique armament of that time, the ancient Incas symbol, which symbolizes the suit, Mexico most recognizable plant, an integral part of the national cuisine.

Also, the center of each hand-illustrated court card contains Maya golden calendar and a decorative plate. The Victoria edition of the decks combined the ordinary courts of the Revolution edition and the Muertos courts of the Muertos edition, which symbolizes the transition between the two worlds.

Interestingly, the backs of three decks and the tucks form the color of the Mexican flag. The tucks are incredible with beautiful embossing and stunning gold foil on intricate design elements. Overall, one of our favorite deck of 2018! Oh.. the NPCC decks handles very well. They certainly have upped their game over the past year.

Card Flash: El Recuerdo Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 1/08/2019 Rating: 5

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