.thecuso Releases the Poop Emoji Playing Cards!

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.thecuso Releases the Poop Emoji Playing Cards!

.thecuso is BACK! The iconic cardistry channel posted for the first time in 6 years and it is a tribute to the recent Buck twins x Anyone ad. The black and white video features Alejandro Portela (Instagram: @aleporte) and Michael Stern (Instagram: @myturn4real) shaving their hair and promoting the new Poop Emoji Playing Cards.

The deck was first made available to the participants of Cardistry-Con HK in September and was just made available to the public during Christmas day. The dynamic deck features all your favorite emoji in one hilarious and functional deck.

The deck is fully custom! Instead of the traditional suits, you have Banana, Taco, Donut, and Peach. The Royals are updated with the different emojis strategically placed on the vibrant court cards.

The eggplant emoji are the jokers but with a twist. The card backs feature a repeating poop emoji pattern. Simple but effective.

These poop emojis have invaded the real world! Get it now from poopemojicards.com for $15.

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