First Look at Lunzi's Sensory Playing Cards

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First Look at Lunzi's Sensory Playing Cards

[Update] Sensory Playing Cards is now LIVE on Kickstarter and 120% funded in less than 24 hours!

Sensory Playing Cards is the follow-up to Grace & Gentle Playing Cards, a brand by Lunzi, a popular cardist from China. Lunzi is well known for his smooth, aesthetically pleasing style of flourish. Lunzi has released lecture notes and a series of tutorials such as Smooth Writing, which can be found on Art Of Magic.

The eye-catching deck is the result of combining the design elements of bold lines, perspectives and shadows. The deck is fully custom and every single card is unique.

The card backs feature a black-and-white contrasting colorway which gives the cards an illusion of motion when flourishing. The thin border provides more possibility to the back design, and different movements and displays will create different combinations of lines- changeable but unified!

The Aces are decorated with bold lines and shadow, the pips have been redesigned and rearranged, and the court cards use the same design elements of that of the card backs, depicting the scene of inspiration. Lunzi crafted the deck with lines and extensions in all directions, giving it personality yet keeping it stylish and elegant.

Produced by TCC Playing Cards and printed by USPCC on high-quality paper with Crushed stock, which gives the decks a thin, light, and smooth handling. Only 1000 decks were printed, and only 760 will be available. Each deck includes 56 cards.

[Update] Sensory Playing Cards is now LIVE on Kickstarter and 120% funded in less than 24 hours!

Also available on the Kickstarter campaign is the Sensory leather clip. The clip is crafted with aviation grade aluminum and features a matte texture. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they feel good as well! Available in Black, Red, and Gold.

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