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Kickstarter: Cyberpunk Bicycle Playing Cards by PlayingCardDecks

From PlayingCardDecks, Cyberpunk Bicycle Playing Cards are inspired by the literary genre of CYBERPUNK, a dystopian society where humans are mixed with machines and also physically plugin to something that today we call the internet. In this chaotic world full of conspirators and oppression many gangs are rising, trying to survive for the crumbs left by the mega-corporations.

Hand-illustrated by Jamie Meza, the fully custom deck shows you four of those gangs each represented by a suit. The Brotherhood - Clubs, Pirates - Hearts, Good Boys - Spades and the Yaxuka - Diamonds.

The courts, number, and aces even the two-way card back design tells a story. According to Jamie,
I have been a fan of the Science fiction genre especially cyberpunk that blends between man and machine, the matrix concept and a crashed society. In the process I wrote a short story of each gang and character, also I wrote shorts text about the society of that world with many common topics in this story; like mega-corporation, mars, technocracy and dystopia.  

The Cyberpunk Bicycle Playing Cards are now available on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $9 and add-ons such as the Silver Gilded Edition deck and uncut sheet are available.

Kickstarter: Cyberpunk Bicycle Playing Cards by PlayingCardDecks Reviewed by Ivan on 1/04/2019 Rating: 5

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