Card Flash: Mono-X Playing Cards

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Card Flash: Mono-X Playing Cards

From Luke Wadey Design (Instagram: @luke_wadey_design), Mono-X was successfully funded in 2018 on Kickstarter and has recently completed its fulfillment stage. The eye-catching deck sports a black/white and grey colorway and designed to explore the usage of a single color and its tints.

You will notice that the distinctive pattern utilizing a variation of line thickness and grainy gradients have been used throughout, from the card backs to the custom pips.

The custom court cards also make use of the line pattern. The half of each court is made up of line staggering to establish pattern and shapes based on the traditional courts.

The design of the mirrored card back, in particular, is brilliant! I love how the design of the varying line thickness come together to form a distinctive X. The bold design combined with side details on the face cards makes card flourishes look really good!

An incredible deck for cardistry! The bold design, attention to detail and the consistency of design definitely resonate with the formula of an excellent deck. To top it off, the deck is printed by United States Playing Card Co. and it handles incredibly!

Also available from your favorite Muphy's Magic retailer.
Card Flash: Mono-X Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 1/24/2019 Rating: 5

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