AXIAL Playing Cards Now Available!

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AXIAL Playing Cards Now Available!

Last month, we had Paris-based Nicolas Nargeot, founder & CEO of NOT A _ (Instagram: @nota_company) taking over Kardify Stories on Instagram (@kardify) for a sneak peek of AXIAL Playing Cards. The deck is now available for pre-order on

Illustrated by Clemence Lerondeau (Instagram: @linestory), AXIAL is NOT A DECK but a piece of Art. Here's the description from the pre-order page:
With Axial, we want to share with you a vision of infinite possibility. We feel that there's need to connect deeper, to break all the codes. And you have a place in this axe. You are the ones who will make it alive. And we will go together further to find this beauty.

The deck sports a dark blue design element made out of multiple lines converging in the center. This design element is prominently featured on the tuck box and the full bleed card backs. Anchoring the deck is the diagonal line band design on both the card backs and the face cards.

Going through each card on the deck, it would seem the artwork has been designed around the diagonal line bands. The pips of the number cards are located inside the band, which is rather unique as we haven't seen this done before on any deck.

The court cards are simplistic with just the outline of each royal. The unique design element of the deck is the placement of the indices- on the top and bottom center. Not a bad thing, but it will take a while to get used to on game nights.

The deck is kept secure in a beautiful textured paper that feels like an art canvas. Printed by Cartamundi their famous B9 finish.

AXIAL Playing Cards is one of the most unique deck in our collection. It is an art deck with many unique design elements that will open up ideas for aspiring deck designers. Definitely a step in the right direction for NOT A _, whose mission statement is to democratize access to Art:
Art shouldn’t be only one piece costing €30k and only one person is going to enjoy it. Eventually. We want to share ideas, thoughts, feelings, to denounce, emotions through Art with our Artists. And sharing this on new supports.

... and what better way to promote art than a deck of cards?
Starting with a deck of card. Cards are NOT just some pieces of paper. It is NOT about the visual only. NOT only about magic & Cardistry. Cards, can be a new artistic support. Holding a real story. A new way to share Art, to denounce, to discuss all, together. What a better way to discuss with people from this support ? We need Art in our lives.
AXIAL Playing Cards are available NOW on for €15, shipping in April.

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