Kickstarter: Dice Throne Playing Cards by Albino Dragon

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Kickstarter: Dice Throne Playing Cards by Albino Dragon

Dice Throne by Nate Chatellier and artist Manny Trembley is an original board game described as “kind of a battle version of Yahtzee". The game is a fast-paced, strategic dice dueling game where players choose their Hero and square off against their opponents in an intense head-to-head or team battle.

The latest playing card project by Albino Dragon is based on this hit table-top game. The artwork of Dice Throne playing cards are fully custom with artwork featuring heroes from the game: Barbarian, Pyromancer, Shadow Thief, Paladin, Monk, and Moon Elf. The colors are vibrant and wonderful! If you are a fan of the game, you will appreciate how well the design has been translated into this very gorgeous deck of playing cards.

On the collaboration with the team at Dice Throne, Abino Dragon founder, Erik Dahlman told Kardify,
Whenever we go to shows, I can't help but look at every product and say to myself, "this would look really cool as a deck of playing cards." So when I came across the Dice Throne guys doing demos at a show last year, I knew I wanted to do something with their amazing artwork. They've been crazy busy with new product development so it took some time to get things organized, but once we did, it moved very quickly and we're very happy with the results.
With this Kickstarter campaign, Albino Dragon has started a whole line of playing cards based on popular board games with great art. Erik continued,
It's a great introduction for our fans that maybe don't know the game but want to learn more after seeing the artwork. And with our specialty store placement, it's a great opportunity for retailers to sell additional products based on their customers' favorite IPs.
The deck will be printed by the USPCC. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter.

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