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Kickstarter: 5 Enhancements Made to Implicit V2 Playing Cards

Conceptualized by Nathan Darma, Implicit playing cards is a modern deck of playing cards designed by Gart Gartsman. The original V1 deck came to life in 2017 with the help of 300 backers on Kickstarter. After almost a year of researching and prototyping, the new V2 of Implicit has launched on Kickstarter. Here are 5 Enhancements made to Implicit V2 Playing Cards:

1. Color Palette. The V2 maintains the luxurious design elements but have a completely different color scheme to the originals, the shades of blues, yellows, and reds create a very vibrant looking deck. To top that off, the backs of the cards have been cold foiled to further enhance the flashiness of these cards.

2. Court cards. The background of the court cards have been taken out the background. According to Nathan, "I asked a few people what they would like different with the V2's and they said that they felt the court cards were a bit too busy in their design."

3. Number cards. The suit symbols have been shrunk down and organized in a cleaner manner, centered in the middle of the card.

4. New printer. The card stock for V2 has been changed to the famous Superlux Paper Stock with a True Linen B9 Finish, made possible by Cartamundi.

5. Tuck box. The tuck of the V2 contains 4 different colors of foiling, which was an incredibly difficult task to accomplish, but Cartamundi found a way to make this happen.

Pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter now.

Kickstarter: 5 Enhancements Made to Implicit V2 Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 3/11/2019 Rating: 5

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