Ascension V2 Playing Cards, Only 3 More Days on Kickstarter!

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Ascension V2 Playing Cards, Only 3 More Days on Kickstarter!

There's always something very new and exciting with Steve Minty's decks, who launched the Ascension Playing Cards V2 on Kickstarter last month. This time around, the Ascension decks focus on the Blood Dragons and the Dark Abyss.

Steve crafted Ascension V1 last year after a certain personally beloved series ended. He was inspired to create these decks as an homage while giving it a spin in his style and interpretation. Steve said,
Like last time, the aspect I wanted to focus on were the diverse "families" depicted in the series and culminated in the Blood Dragons and the Dark Abyss.

The campaign features two custom decks with different card backs and court cards. Additionally, the campaign has the Limited Edition decks that will not be sold in stores and Steve will not be making much more than what will be pledged on Kickstarter.

Steve once again use the essence of the families into a couple of words to use as a launching point for the design element of each deck. The Blood Dragons were powerful, strong and noble with the red/black colorway whereas the Dark Abyss were death, chaos and menacing depicted with a blue/dark blue color palette,

For the Blood Dragon, Steve approached the Blood Dragons design with heavy-looking thick scale-like motifs. 
I felt it invoked the essence of a powerful dragon without being obvious. This is reflected in the characters in terms of what they wear with and additional slight Asian influence.

Meanwhile, the Dark Abyss design features crystalline elegance and delicate peril like the sharpest sword made of ice. 
I designed it so some would be able to see it as ice while not being obvious. The characters are lead by the 3 generals (represented by spades) and the rest are the army of characters who have been "converted".

Steve has designed Ascension V2 in a way that it would be obvious that they were designed to be in the same series as V1. For the Dark Abyss deck, however, Steve had to push the differences a bit more as he felt they were beings that were otherworldly. This is most evident in the pips.
While the Silver Wolves, Golden Lions, and Blood Dragons decks use the same outline for the pips, I made the Dark Abyss pips sharper, more crystalline. 

Also available are the signature sets, similar to that from Ascension V1. The 3d sculpted figurehead of Blood Dragon will be RED CHROME finish on metal.

As for the Dark Abyss, the tuck itself will also be metallic foiled but done in a way where it does not lose focus from the frost figurehead. As usual, the decks will come with a numbered edition seal as well as handcrafted edge gilding.

Only 3 more days remaining, pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter.

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