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Deck View: Hydrogen Playing Cards

Elemental. Molecular. Symbol.

Designed by Nick Nisco, the Hydrogen Deck is the first in a series of Elemental playing cards inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements. The deck is an homage to the simple beauty of the periodic table — and a nod towards the many ways it mirrors a deck of playing cards.

The semi-custom deck showcase molecular hydrogen (H:H) on the card backs with two hydrogen atomic models bonded together covalently in the center. The face cards are pretty much standard with semi-custom recolored court cards subtly embedded with hydrogen design elements within the garments and ornaments.

The deck is packaged in tuck box featuring the element symbol for hydrogen as well as the hydrogen logo centered in a thick outlined circle representing the atom. When placed next to another hydrogen tuck case, it forms molecular hydrogen (H2).

Deck View: Hydrogen Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 3/01/2020 Rating: 5

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