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Kickstarter: 3 Questions with Daniel Gálvez of OMEN Playing Cards

OMEN Playing Cards was conceptualized by graphic designer David Navarro and Magician Daniel Gálvez. David and Daniel have wanted to work together on something for a long time. Thanks to the passion they both have for design, magic, and cardistry, OMEN playing cards has finally connected them.

The semi-custom deck features a bold circle in the center with 3 strokes on the top left and bottom right of the bordered card backs. The design element definitely makes fans and spreads eye-catching! The pips, indices, and Aces have been enhanced to give it a modern look and feel with a special highlight and subtle stroke in the center. The courts are pretty much standard with an updated color palette consistent with the overall theme of the deck.

We had a chat with Daniel about the inspiration behind OMEN Playing Cards, support from the community and his favorite flourish and cardistry deck.

What is your inspiration behind the OMEN Playing Cards? How did you come up with the idea?
Our aspiration is to transmit, through our passion for the design and magic, a revolutionary feeling of modernity and a new and strong personality for the new generation. We had this idea after analyzing the world of magic and realizing that it has been the same since it started to exist, and the cards needed a modern tweak. When we shared the first designs, people around us fell in love with it and therefore we directly took this opportunity to revolutionize new generations, without losing the essence of the classical world of magic and cardistry.

We first noticed OMEN Playing Cards on Instagram. What do you think of the community in terms of the feedback and support that you’ve been getting?
Our recently created community on Instagram has been our biggest support, they are amazing! Always very supportive and so enthusiastic with a huge percentage of likes for the number of followers we have. I am convinced that it's thanks to them that we decided to really get into this. We believe that communities around magic and cardistry are very friendly and passionate, which are exactly the values that we seek to transmit with OMEN. We would love the community to be our fundamental pillar when making decisions in everything we do.

Finally, what are your favorite playing card decks?
I have always used Phoenix and Copag 310 for magic. I also love collecting and my most special deck is the Bitcoin, a wonderful piece of art that is easy to use to make amazing magic tricks!

If you liked what you read here and would like to support the OMEN Playing Cards, head to Kickstarter here! Pledge starts at $11 and the deck will be printed by Cartamundi on True Linen B9 Finish.

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