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On Kickstarter, Stellar Kingdoms Playing Cards

Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, Stellar Kingdoms is a sci-fi themed deck of playing cards based on the known tropes of adventure movies, games, and novels. The deck creatively blends traditional playing cards design with an original Sci-Fi setting.

Inside, each of the four suits represents an original faction with its own backstory, character, and aspirations. Their identities make the battleground on the card table more dramatic and exciting!

Loyal to traditions, the Hearts have brought the medieval swords and crowns across the centuries into the Space Age. Honorable and fair, the Star Knights aspire to bring peace and prosperity to the Galaxy, yet never hesitate to confront injustice and the forces of evil.

Having perfected the art of intrigue, the Diamonds conquer the vastness of deep space by utilizing delicate calculation and filigreed trickery. Putting their impressive wealth to use, this fraction carefully undermines the game balance by manipulating the others.

The incarnate of humanity’s fears, the Spades are the merciless inhabitants of the undead world on their quest of consolidating all Star Kingdoms under the power of their terror. No compromise and no negotiations - nothing short of a complete annihilation of the enemy.

In their aspiration for balance, the Clubs operate strictly by cold-blooded calculation. Nothing personal - devoid of passions and flaws, they measure their every step, keeping their loyalty to impeccable logic and accurate mathematical planning.

The four fractions of Stellar Kingdoms create a perfect balance - an eternal confrontation that moves the game forward. The playing cards unlock infinite potential, and this infinity is reflected in the stylish black and white card backs.

Stellar Kingdoms Playing Cards will be printed by the USPCC with MetalLuxe technology. Pledge starts at $25 on Kickstarter.


On Kickstarter, Stellar Kingdoms Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 3/20/2020 Rating: 5

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