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Sin City Playing Cards, Less Than a Week on Kickstarter!

Another stunning deck by the team at Riffle Shuffle funding on Kickstarter. Sin City Playing Cards takes inspiration from Las Vegas, a place that never sleeps, the city of thousands of lights and millions of fates, the place of endless thrill and bottomless pockets. Designer Alba Zapata (Instagram: invites you into the decadent realm of fancy cocktails, smoky rooms, and sultry jazz music with this fully custom deck of playing cards.

The atmosphere of the shiny city that comes alive by night is obvious right from the stunning tuck box. The hot-stamped gold and red foil on black paper evoke a starry evening on the famous strip. The front of the box features large red letters saying “Sin City” placed in the middle of a golden diamond, while the back and the sides are completely covered in a symmetrical design, which is repeated throughout the whole deck.

Inside, the card backs follow the design elements found on the box with a red-and-gold pattern, made up of two adjoining roulette wheels lined by diamonds, martini glasses, and other quintessential Las Vegas elements. Brilliant!

The court cards feature different types of characters one can encounter in Sin City. From cowboys, magicians, singers to contortionists, fortune tellers and intoxicated bar patron. The designer drew these all of these characters in a lovely geometrical style, which surprises with many hidden details. Each of the court cards has an indication of the suit in two corners, each of the shapes filled in with an elegant pattern.

The ace of spades is proudly dominated by a stylized spade with a lovely red rose detail in the middle. It is encircled by golden leaves, just like the ones that used to make up the crowns of Roman Emperors. At the very top of the card is a golden ribbon with black lettering letting you know, that you have officially entered the Sin City.

The Jokers are very special cards due to their use of the notoriously well-known road sign announcing: “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas”.

Sin City Playing Card will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company, AIR CUSHION Finish with the legendary BEE CASINO STOCK. Limited Edition of 2500 Decks.

Don't miss out! Pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter for a single deck.

Sin City Playing Cards, Less Than a Week on Kickstarter! Reviewed by Ivan on 3/26/2020 Rating: 5

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