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Bicycle Legacy Masters Now in Red!

Ellusionist has just dropped the Bicycle Legacy Masters Playing Cards in an all-new colorway... Red! Back in 2009, when Ellusionist debuted the Bicycle MASTERS. The design was indistinguishable from a standard Bicycle Rider deck, but the handling and the feel of the deck were revolutionary!

Back then, Ellusionist's goal was sustainability, not feel. According to the product page,
Today, the new Bicycle Legacy Masters achieves both. The all-American stock is crushed to perfection. The process increases density. Same fibers, just compacted. This gives a thin, but durable card stock for die-hards and workers. You'll quit before the deck does.

Inside, the face cards have been enhanced but are pretty much standard with the exception of the custom bold Ace of Spades featuring the proud American eagle. The tuck box is updated showcasing the Ace of Spades adorned in metallic gold-ink accents to hint at its premium pedigree.

Also, the inside-tuck printing and embossing of the tuck have been removed.
Those aren't the things that matter in a deck like this and they add the most cost. A front-line deck benefits the most from feel, so that's exactly where we put our attention.
The deck is available now on Ellusionist for only $7.95! Incredible value for a deck with a cool design and exceptional handling.

Bicycle Legacy Masters Now in Red! Reviewed by Ivan on 7/24/2020 Rating: 5

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