First Look at Cybershock Playing Cards

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First Look at Cybershock Playing Cards

[Update] Cybershock Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Excelsior Playing Cards (Instagram: @Excelsiorplayingcards) is ready to launch its very first deck on Kickstarter. Designed by Fernando Matias (Instagram: @3dmatias), Cybershock is a modern deck of playing cards inspired by the incredible world of cyberpunk 2077.

The peak of the cyberpunk universe's influence on pop culture was in the '80s and late-‘90s, but we have seen the genre striking back into the mainstream over the last few years. The team at Excelsior wanted to create a deck that could reflect the exciting pop culture hype for the fans and, at the same time, have a luxurious look for cardists and magicians. Therefore, this genre was a perfect match and a good choice for our unique style.

This amazing project is one of the very few 3D modeled card decks on the market. Although it is inspired by the incredible work of Mike Pondsmith, Cybershock has its own characters on the court cards.

The tuck box kept the tradition of the spade as the main art while being embedded in the cyberpunk theme.

The aces are very detailed and quite prominently displayed in the deck. The sense of depth combined with the lightning creates a special effect on each card.

The Jokers were inspired by the cyberpunk world drones, ready to blindsided the hunter robots. The ad card is a tribute to Bicycle and the fans, featuring a cyberpunk bicycle and the name of the first backers.

The deck will be printed by United States Playing Cards Company on Thin Crushed classic Paper Stock with Magic finishing. The most dedicated pledge includes the deck along with a luxury wooden box, specially designed and handcrafted with Cyberpunk art.

[Update] Cybershock Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Also available during the campaign is the cyberpunk dealer coin to complete the collectors set or as an add-on. Early bird starts at $11.


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