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Dealersgrip's $68 Ambient Muted Tuck Edition Divides Cardists

Cardists who are looking to have a complete set of Dealersgrip decks are left disappointed when the cardistry group announced a super limited edition of Ambient Playing Cards for $68! Almost 4x the price of the standard Ambient deck.

The Ambient Muted Tuck Edition comes in uncoated midnight blue tuck enclosure with pronounced viewing windows and subtle letterpressed graphics. The deck within are pretty much the same as the Ambient deck, which drew some criticism from some within the cardistry community for the premium price.

Having said that, the deck has sold out! The exclusive nature of the deck is not new within the playing collector community, with Lotrek recently sold the unseen Crypt Playing Cards for $120. Some praised Dealersgrip for the genius marketing and drawing similarities to Lotus in Hand.

What are your thoughts?

Dealersgrip's $68 Ambient Muted Tuck Edition Divides Cardists Reviewed by Ivan on 7/04/2020 Rating: 5

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