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Kickstarter: Aura Playing Cards by Waltty Playing Card Studio

Just launched on Kickstarter, Aura playing cards is a fully custom deck of playing cards by Taiwan-based Waltty Playing Card Studio (Instagram: @walttyplayingcardstudio). The deck combines several cool ideas, patterns, and UV coating. Here's what the Kickstarter campaign page has to say about the concept of Aura,
You can think of an aura as a reflection of your state of being. When it comes to something you love, you can’t hide your feelings of joy. People can feel your passion for it, as a unique aura of you. That’s the inspiration to the Aura playing cards. Everyone has their aura that different meanings for them. For us, the strong passion for playing cards is it.

The team at Waltty thinks playing cards appeal due to the design elements and the stories behind the deck. With that, they are trying to bring this concept to life with the Aura playing cards. The UV Coating sure made this deck stand out!
We did testing and prototyping in the development. It is not easy, using UV coating on printed playing cards paper within poker finish. In the process, it is not easier than foil stamping. Keeping the nice handling, making sure color is printed right on the printed area, and brainstorming the locations on the patterns to spot the concept. We have solved many problems to create this deck and make sure that everything runs great even already over our budget.

The result is very well balanced with the design elements, UV coating used, and the handling of the deck. The idea behind the design is an attempt to present a unique aura of life.
Each white line is like apart of your life, maybe the four favorite deck of playing cards, maybe the four games, and maybe the four things in your bucket list. When spinning the card, it looks like all the lines are connected within the unique aura. It’s just like playing your biographical movie.

The face cards are fully custom, and each design is based on the standard face. Each of the face cards is a combination of traditional look and simplified patterns in the new colorway for design. These changes make the face cards so unique, and this deck still playable and performable.

The deck is enclosed in a tuck box with UV coating to represent the pattern. It’s really cool when you see it under the light and feel it with your fingers!

Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Co. on Vintage Stock with Legendary Finish. Pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter. Limited to 500.

Kickstarter: Aura Playing Cards by Waltty Playing Card Studio Reviewed by Ivan on 7/06/2020 Rating: 5

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