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King Arthur Playing Cards, Final 3 Days on Kickstarter

Three days remaining on Kickstarter! King Arthur Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle is a collaboration with Studio Muti inspired by the times of kings, queens, and cavalier knights all the way back to the 5th century’s Britain. 

The King Arthur playing cards come in two different versions, Emerald Saga (green) and Carmine Cavalier (red). The tuck case of each edition is different, the box of Emerald Saga is made out of premium matte paper embellished with gold & green foils embossed both on the outside, and inside of the box. While the Carmine Cavalier Edition is made out of premium soft-touch paper garnished with red & gold foils embossed on both sides of the tuck case as well.

The images are depicted using line drawings, reminiscent of old runes, or illustrations in ancient books carrying the legends of the medieval knights. On the top of the box, we see King Arthur wielding a spear, sitting atop of a horse in battle armor. 

The king is carrying a majestic crown and looks fearlessly ahead of him, ready to fight for his kingdom. Below his image, there is the name of the deck written in large letters. The whole image is encircled with intricate designs of decorated columns and ornamental arches.

Inside, the card backs come in the color corresponding to the color version of the deck and printed using Bronze Metallic Ink. The overall design of the back is similar to the back of the box, showing a mirrored image of King Arthur riding a horse.

The court cards are the pièce de la résistance of the entire deck. The first thing that catches the eye is the unified structure of a gold-lined background running on a diagonal of each of the cards. Every one of these backgrounds is unique, showing a slightly different interior of a castle with its majestic structures and stained-glass windows.

Throughout the vertical axis of the card run the images of the court members, mirrored on the top and bottom half of the card. Each of the characters is absolutely unique, starting from their face, their attire, all the way to the objects that they are carrying.

The Ace of Spades is completed in different colours for each of the types of the deck. In the Green version, the ace has a green background and golden outlines and details. For the Red version, it is a light black background, with golden details.

The Joker cards are that this time, are called “Jesters”. The jesters of the King Arthur deck look more sophisticated as if providing clever advice to our Great King. These jesters are clearly enjoying the king’s throne, while he is out in the battle, sitting on it mockingly while drinking from a large goblet. One of the jesters is designed in green, and the other in red in each of the decks.

Pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter. Also, a FREE half bork box with every 6 decks pledge. King Arthur Playing Cards will be forged by United States Playing Card Company with Air Cushion Finish on Bee Casino Stock. Limited to 2500 Decks with Foiled Number Seals. 

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