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SVNGALI 04: Sky Island Deck Available Now!

The Sky Island Playing Cards are back with an all-new colorway. Released as part of the new SVNGALI series by Alex Pandrea and designer Edo Huang.

This fourth deck sports a vintage casino deck design that captures the imagination. According to the product page,
In the 1960s, a luxury airline called Sky Island Airways offered an exclusive getaway unlike any other. Passengers were whisked away on private jets to a secluded tropical island known only as "Sky Island".

The airline served no other destinations - it was devoted purely to bringing customers to paradise. With a small fleet of aircraft and only 10 occupants allowed on the island at one time, it was truly a privilege to access this modern Eden. One day, it all vanished. The planes, the airline, and even the island itself. The only evidence that it had ever existed was a supply of the playing cards that were handed out to passengers during each flight.

Inside, the deck features a simple clean back design with an elegant feel. The face cards, courts, pips, and jokers are semi-custom to maintain the look and feel of a traditional deck.

The deck is packaged in a tuck box feating the world map in a teal colorway, similar to the card backs. The deck is available now for $13 on

SVNGALI 04: Sky Island Deck Available Now! Reviewed by Ivan on 8/04/2020 Rating: 5

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