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Here's a Look at the Exclusive Card College Elegant Box Set

The Card College Acrylic Set, Black Gold Box Set, and Walnut Box Set are all sold out! This includes all the Wine red, Indigo blue, Dark green edition decks... they will NOT be reprinted. Due to the high demand and popularity of the project, Ark Playing Cards has released a special Kickstarter exclusive box set.

In order to distinguish the exclusive set from all the unique sold-out box design, this ELEGANT box set adopts a new structural design inspired by the auto sunroof of sports cars. When you open the gift box, two pieces of cardboard with logo and text will separate slowly, and the playing cards will be revealed. The mechanical structure of the gift box is only made of paper, which is assembled by hand with 8 pieces of cardboard.

There are two versions of the elegant box set- the Elegant Box Set and the Deluxe Elegant Box Set. The Elegant Box Set sports a white colorway with champaign gold foil packaging. Inside, the set contains a set of Midnight Black & Ice White version of Card College decks.

The Elegant Deluxe Box Set features a more elegant gold foil on black colorway. Inside, the two decks are similar to the Elegant Box Set but they come with gilded edge decks.

Both sets are only available during the Kickstarter campaign and will produce as many as it is sold during the campaign.

Unlike the other editions of Card College playing cards, the Midnight Black and Ice White editions are printed in Taiwan. Don't miss out!

Here's a Look at the Exclusive Card College Elegant Box Set Reviewed by Ivan on 8/20/2020 Rating: 5

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