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The Champion Deck No.1, Only Three More Days on Kickstarter

The Champion Deck Series by Williams Playing Cards has received more than £7,263 (USD$9.5k) in crowdfunding on Kickstarter, representing funding of only 90% of its original goal. Only three days remain to pledge for this minimalistic yet versatile deck.

This is the first deck of the series, focusing on the card table and gambling. A deep red borderless design, featuring white diamonds set into a minimalistic black pattern. According to Dan Williams on the campaign page,
The goal was to find a design that felt an intricate, purveyed class and richness but held clear simplicity. A deck that could belong anywhere, at any table, in any hands.

Intended for the card table, the courts retained their classical look with some new pattern work featured that’s more fitting of the deck and two identical jokers.

Instead of the one main ace, the deck has four, each one carrying a small piece of the back design consistent with the artwork of the deck.

The pips and indices have been redrawn, while stylized, they pass as any other standard gaming deck with the red suit pips carrying a thin black outline. Dan continued,
For the deck and campaign I wanted to push for practicality in both design and price. The faces pass as standard and unassuming, with the back design being bold and near minimalistic, they should avoid any false accusations of magic properties. Though the back design does lend opportunities to the magician and gambler to leave their own mark.

The deck is packaged in a tuck box featuring all the artwork from the deck. A larger pattern is featured on the front and the back design displayed on the reverse. The white diamond pattern from the courts sits framed on the top and down the side of the box. The sides of the box also display a small segment of the back design.

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at £11 ($14.5) on Kickstarter.


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