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Less Than 3 Days To Go! American Eras Playing Cards on Kickstarter

The team at ArtLibra has relaunched American Eras Playing Cards on Kickstarter, with a lower goal of $8.2k, simpler, and more affordable reward structure to entice backers to fund the decks.

The fully custom decks are inspired by the history of the four most famous American eras: Literary themes of the 20s that inspired Dreiser and Fitzgerald, Midwest Indian culture that was widely known outside the United States, Wild West, which has spawned many topics in literature and cinema and African South America (New Orleans).

More than a year in the making, all American ERAS characters were drawn by a professional artist based on all the historical aspects of America. It all started with a pencil on canvas and ended with a finished playing card.

Before the drawing, all the details and attributes of the characters, their historical affiliations, character, and peculiarity were studied.

Special attention was spent on the characters' clothing, piercing gaze, hand position, attributes, and color. All this made it possible to get the four beautiful American epochs, which were assigned their own suit in American ERAS playing cards.

The card backs feature an intricate, mirrored design and the Aces are gorgeous! American Eras is presented in two different colorways- Red, and Black, each enclosed within a tuck box in the same style. The tuck cases are made smooth cardboard with soft-touch coating in their respective colorway. Two hot stamps are used for the pattern: gold foil and white foil and strategically embossed.

The Kickstarter campaign has less than 3 days to go. Pledge starts $16 and at the time of writing, the project is 71% funded! To support the American Eras Playing Cards, head to Kickstarter now.

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