Ketchup & Fries Playing Cards, Less Than 54 Hours on Kickstarter

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Ketchup & Fries Playing Cards, Less Than 54 Hours on Kickstarter

Ketchup and Fries Playing Cards is the first project from Fast Food Playing Cards, headed by Rich Li, a magician and graphic designer from New York City. The goal is to combine the fast-food culture with playing card culture. According to Rich,

There are three things that I absolutely love: Sleight of Hand, Graphic Design, & FAST FOOD! I have been performing sleight of hand for more than 5 years now, and I thought to myself, why not combine all my hobbies together and create my very first deck of playing cards. After countless trials and errors, I have illustrated what I think combines the fast food culture with playing cards - Welcome to FFP! The Fast Food Playing Cards.

As the name suggests, the fully custom deck comes in two versions- Tomato Ketchup and French Fries. The playful back designs for both decks follow a streamlined design that is eye-catching when you fan or spread out the cards. Also, the decks are carefully marked by suits. 

The court cards of the Ketchup and French Fries have been redesigned with dynamic colors and playful twist, all while keeping the traditional elements of playing cards in place. Rich continued,

The court cards are one of my favorite highlights while designing the decks. I have taken my own experience while eating at multiple fast-food chains to illustrate each court card that best represents themselves. Some are even inspired by famous fast-food chains with my own touches on the design.

The ace of spades is outlined with the classic suit with Fries and Ketchup mixed up in the middle as one would see in a fast-food commercial. The rest of the aces are also infused with different details representing their contents of ingredients. The number cards are colored accordingly to the back design. 

Each edition comes with THREE Jokers! The three jokers tell a continuous action of either finishing up a pack of fries or emptying a ketchup bottle. 

The decks are packaged in a unique tuck case both representing their respective versions. The tuck case of the French Fries Edition is “Die Cut” to look and serve as an actual packaging of a pack of fries. The entire tuck case is redesigned throughout its structure to make it look like a French fries packaging. 

There is even a list of ingredients and barcodes on the packaging that might put a smile on your face. The tuck case of the ketchup is designed to include everything you might see on a ketchup pack, but with more hidden details. 

For the magician, the back of the tuck case contains a list of ingredients... at first glance. In actual fact, they are hidden reveals where magicians can perform prediction routines! Very cool! 

Printed by USPCC with their Premium Bee Crush Stock, Air-cushion Finish. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter.

Ketchup & Fries Playing Cards, Less Than 54 Hours on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 1/26/2021 Rating: 5

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