What is the Fontaine Club?

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What is the Fontaine Club?

Fontaine Cards has just introduced the Fontaine Club. This initiative is the follow-up to Fontaine's last two deck releases where early orders were placed via email before the public release. According to founder Zach Mueller on Instagram (@fontainecards),
It worked, but a lot of people got left out. So now we’re going to try Fontaine Club. We will allow 500 people into Fontaine Club to begin with. These 500 people will get to make club member account, and gain access to our web store.
However, to give every member equal access, Fontaine Cards will announce a “Members Only” drop time for new decks, so all members have a fair shot at getting them. So, it will basically be similar to a normal drop, but with only Fontaine Club members. 

As this is still in the experimental stage, more members may be added as time goes on. For the non-members, Zach continued,
We will also keep a very small portion of the stock for a public online release to make sure EVERYone has some chance of getting them.
To apply to become a member, please email fontainecenter@fontainecards.com over this weekend and the team at Fontaine Cards will email you if you are selected. Good Luck!

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