Lost Angelus' Top 5 Playing Card of 2020

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Lost Angelus' Top 5 Playing Card of 2020

We've revealed our first 'Deck of the Year' a few weeks ago and our Top12 decks of 2020 last month. To give a different view, we've reached out to Jeremy Griffith or popularly known as @lost_angelus on Instagram, one of the most knowledgeable card men around for his list of top 5 decks of 2020. Here we go (Jeremys' comments in italics):

5. Vanille

Every deck this guy releases is EDC level for me. Great designs, cool color schemes, and excellent quality.


Thin stock, two-way design. Loved this deck from the moment I opened it. I’m late to Luke’s design work, and I’ve very much enjoyed since.


What’s not to love about this deck? The tuck, the intricacy, the theme. This one wins in my mind because every aspect of it took serious craftsmanship.

2. Tough Luck

As far as I’m concerned, Docs is the breakout playing card company of 2020. They’ve worked their butts off to become a company that produces quality goods for people like us, and they have done no less on this deck. The tuck is amazing! And the cards stand up to the hardest work I could put into them. 


Because you can’t buy these anymore, this isn’t self-promotion. This deck has my top vote because it represents everything that has my heart; my family, my friends, the card community. No expense about this deck was spared. The cards are exceptional, the tuck has a simple elegance to it, and they last! Plus, they were made for me as a gift. No money changed hands, no contracts needed signing, just a number of friends reaching out to me and giving me a dream deck because they knew I’d love it. Seriously, what more could I have asked for out of a deck?

Honorable Mention:
The Boy Who Cried Magic Playing Cards. The only reason these weren’t in the top five is because that I just got them. But I’ve come to really appreciate Andi’s work over the course of 2020. And I love the workability of it. Think about it, you co-own one of the major magic companies in the world, you could build whatever deck you want, and instead of layering it with foil and set in a hand-carved mahogany box, you instead make an accessible solid deck that floats the line between “worker deck” and “collector's item”. I love that!

Lost Angelus' Top 5 Playing Card of 2020 Reviewed by Ivan on 1/22/2021 Rating: 5

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