Generation One Playing Cards Funded in 24 Hours!

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Generation One Playing Cards Funded in 24 Hours!

Generation One Playing Cards, designed by Luke Wadey in association with Kier Gomes, represents the first collection of playing cards they designed together and successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in LESS than 24 hours!

The First Edition looks to start the new decade with a splash of color. According to Luke,
Working together has been something we have always wanted to do. Since we connected through the playing card community and became great friends, we always knew that together we could create something to give back to the community, something not only that we love, but something they will hopefully love too. We hope the sense of togetherness comes across in the deck, combining our styles, and having some fun with this creation.

Generation One was born out of their desire to mix Luke's technical, unique graphic design language with Kier's retro 1980's brand aesthetic to create a unique deck of cards that is sure to add some neon flare to your card flourishes, as well as a standard foundation to lend itself to magicians who want to spice up their gig bag. 

The design will use a combination of neon Pantone inks which will contrast against the dark background, entwining in symmetrical typography with works both across the card back and tuck. 

The design uses adapted custom face cards with the unique color scheme and court treatment, whilst also including two jokers and two gaff/ad cards. 

Printed by USPCC, one-time print run, 2500 decks. Available NOW on Kickstarter for a pledge of $12.

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