Less Than 24 Hours, The Royal Pizza Palace Playing Cards

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Less Than 24 Hours, The Royal Pizza Palace Playing Cards

Less than 24 hours remaining on Kickstarter! The Royal Pizza Palace playing cards by Riffle Shuffle Creative Space and designed by Basem Amer is a must-have for all Pizza Lovers (who doesn't love pizza?). Two Classic editions are made available during the Kickstarter campaign, Classic Cheese - in yellow, and Classic Veggie - in green. 

The tuck boxes for both editions are embossed with artworks that are designed similarly, with a wooden plank on top. The plank is decorated almost ceremonially and has two rolling pins guarding its sides. In each of the four corners, there are two slices of delicious pizza, with basilic leaves fanned out above them in a wonderful pattern. 

Inside, card backs feature a symmetrical illustration of a traditional clay brick pizza oven, ready to produce a delicious pie for you. The richly colored wooden plank with the most important tool for the creation of the pizza - the rolling pin, delicious ingredients scattered around and a peek into the pizza oven in the middle.

The court cards follow different stories of the staff in the pizza kitchen, from chefs perfecting their well-guarded recipes inherited from their grandmothers, kitchen helpers rushing around to help and sometimes encountering little kitchen mishaps, to delivery guys hurrying to stay on the clock to freshly deliver the pizzas. The vibrant courts reinforce the fun vibe of the deck! 

The Ace of Spades has been cleverly designed to fit not one, but two pizzas. They are placed on their respective wooden planks with the handles pointing towards the tip of the spade. The rest of the aces also follow the same flavor profile as the ace of spades, each infusing different elements from our pizza-olio to give you authentic pizza choices. 

Finally, the jokers are designed to look like two sealed envelopes, one red and one black, ready to be sent off. They are closed with a traditional wax seal with a crown imprint in the middle. What is inside is highly classified as it is the secret recipe from our pizza-olio. 

The Royal Pizza Palace deck is a pleasure for all your senses, and comes with juicy illustrations and delicious designs! The cards will print by Taiwan Playing Card Co (TWPCC) with their latest softer paper stock named the Luxury Stock. 

Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter


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