The Fontaine Fall Collection Drops Today!

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The Fontaine Fall Collection Drops Today!

The Fontaine Fall Collection releases at the Fontaine shop this today (28th November) from 3-6 pm in TWO colorways- Pumpkin (Orange) and Grey. These releases will be 1 of 2500 decks and this time, printed at USPCC. According to founder Zach Mueller's post on social media,
We have *50* bricks of each new deck and a small stock of singles available in-store. Once those bricks are gone, we will only have singles. Last drop we sold out of bricks with roughly 30 people still in line. 50 bricks out of a 2500 deck run is roughly 25% of the whole stock, so we won’t be selling more in-store. First come, first served, and 1 Brick of each color per customer.

Also, the new Fontaines have been sold to friends, long-time customers via early access prior to Black Friday. Zach's social media post,
In our endless pursuit of trying to stop mass bot orders from resellers, we will be placing early manual orders via email to friends, long-time customers, and those we feel will want to use them and keep them for their collection. And perhaps even those who resell AND have a passion for cards. In these times where many are out of work, we understand that reselling is how many are getting by. We don’t look down on reselling, it’s an inevitable part of e-commerce for limited edition items - TONS of online stores are having the same issues. Our problem is when nearly all the stock shows up on eBay at the same time, and barely anybody in the card community can get them at retail. It sucks. We want to prioritize our community first, and then we will release the remaining stock publicly. We try something new nearly every online drop, so this may be temporary. We’re going to try it out! To qualify for early access, please email, tell us a bit about yourself, show us a picture of your collection and (no promises) we will do our best to get the majority of the decks into the right hands

Early access via email MAY continue over the weekend, but the Fontaine team has not reached out to everyone on the list yet. If you didn’t get selected - there is a chance you still might. The Fontaine Center is located at 2308 Hyperion ave, Los Angeles, ca, 90027 

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