Kickstarter: Cyber Crisis Playing Cards by Bazaardodo

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Kickstarter: Cyber Crisis Playing Cards by Bazaardodo

Cyber Crisis Playing Cards is a custom Cyberpunk-themed deck by Bazaardodo featuring the artwork of 9 of the best Cyberpunk artists currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Inside, each suit features unique characters from the Cyber Crisis universe. The red and blue suits represent two factions - the Wasteland rebels and Elysion Technology. The back story on the campaign page,
People start to freak out, but 'Elysion Technology' rapidly thrived in gaining monopoly power from deceitful frauds, filthy experiments, neon illumination, and dark secrets. There are no rules or laws beyond the wasteland. Rebels, killers, and local gangs are cloaked by the neon light. The stink of crime reeks from every corner of the alley. The continuous disappearance brings disturbance to the locals, and it seems to be involved with 'Elysion Technology'


The count cards showcase the artworks of two famous 3D artists: skiegraphicstudio and rvtgrrr to present a fascinating view of the World of Cyber Crisis.

The Cyber Crisis Deck number cards used a unique honeycomb pattern which simultaneously saturates the classic frame of playing cards also infuses a unique charm of Cyberpunk.

The deck is packaged in a unique tuck box with hot foil stamping design elements. Two versions are available during the Kickstarter campaign- the Wasteland rebels and Elysion technology Deck. Both decks are included in the  Cyber Crisis Premium Box Set.

Printed by the United States Playing Cards Co and pledge starts at $16 on Kickstarter.

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