Check Out the Gorgeous Blue Jay Playing Cards on Kickstarter!

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Check Out the Gorgeous Blue Jay Playing Cards on Kickstarter!

Blue Jay Playing Cards is the second installment in Meadowlark's custom playing card series currently funding on Kickstarter. This beautiful deck is designed in collaboration with Elettra Deganello.

Elettra adds her own style to each card while respecting each element of the OG Meadowlark deck, keeping the series both unique and cohesive. Backers of the OG deck will enjoy the subtle (and not so subtle) goodies sprinkled throughout the deck.

Fully custom, the back design took some of the core features from the Meadowlark Deck and redesigned it to maintain its uniqueness. The Dentistry sub-theme was also incorporated in a fun yet sophisticated way. The back design is perfect for magicians, cardists, poker players, and art enthusiasts alike.

For the face cards, the Blue Jay was drawn in a fashion to be cohesive with the rest of the deck including the court cards, Aces, and Jokers. 

Elettra took the core elements of the custom courts from the Meadowlark Deck and modified them to add some subtle yet important pieces that incorporate her own style. The Heart and Diamond courts promote healthy teeth care while the Club and Spade courts are a bit naughty, enticing you with cavity-producing candy.

Two decks are available during the campaign, the Silver Frosting Edition, and Black Liquorice Edition. Each also comes with its own Gilded Edition. 

The Silver Edition features a blue colorway card back with metallic silver ink on the faces of the cards. The deck is kept in a tuck box printed on high quality light-blue colored paper with embossing and silver foil 

The Black Edition features eye-catching Holographic Cold Foil on BOTH backs and faces of the cards. Tuck Box printed on high quality black colored paper with embossing, blue and pink foils, and holographic coating.
Printed by Cartamundi on B9 Slimline card stock and pledge starts at $16 on Kickstarter.


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