Deck View: Campy Creature Deadluxe Playing Cards

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Deck View: Campy Creature Deadluxe Playing Cards

Spooky. Glow. Monsters.

One of our Top 12 Halloween deck this year. Campy Creature Deadluxe Playing Cards is designed by Josh Emrich and Katie Emrich for Kickstarter backers of the Campy Creatures board game expansion campaign by Keymaster Games. The deck was included as part of the new Campy Creatures merch.

This hand-illustrated deck features twelve unique illustrations of notorious B-movie horror monsters including The Blob, The Invisible Man, The Man-Eating Plant, The Swamp Creature, and many more. The designers took the creature artwork for the Campy Creatures board game and made a deck of playing cards. The Aces and indices are fully custom with custom spooky alphanumeric characters and icons. Take a closer look and you will see some randomized blood splatter on each card. The key is featured throughout the deck, not only as a symbol for Keymaster Games but also drawing on the myth that keys can unlock and unleash evil.

What makes this deck truly unique is the intricate card backs... they glow-in-the-dark! Not only that, the deck is housed inside a premium screen-printed tuck box featuring glow-in-the-dark ink and sealed by fate and a severed hand! Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. Available on Amazon for $17.99.
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